Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things You May Not Know

I just thought it might be fun to post some things about each of us at the Dover house that you may or may not know. I am in a blogging mind freeze, way too much on my mind I guess. I am getting ready to do a Super Saturday this Saturday and have been busy getting it all together.
Here we go.....
Did you know that.......Adam was born and raised in Cedar City Utah.
Adam can build RC boats, planes, and cars from scratch pieces.
Adam was on the swim team in Highschool.
Adam scrapbooks with me when my friends are busy.
Adam is a great dad and husband.

Did you know that..... Logan is very inventive.
Logan has ADHD and seizures.
Logan can make his tummy roll and has been able to since he was two.
Logan is so flexible he can fit in just about anything.
Logan has a very tender heart that is sometimes covered by his

Did you know that.... BayLee is happy most of the time?
BayLee loves to do any kind of art?
BayLee got escorted to Cinderellas dressing room BY Cinderella herself at
BayLee snores louder than her dad? :)
BayLee is a great BIG sister. (tough being the LITTLE sister)

Did you know that..... Mia can crawl now?
Mia has a tooth and working on a second one?
Mia slept through the night until she was 7 months old and now she won't
sleep through the night?
Mia is our LAST child?
Mia makes me smile.

Did you know that.... Mandee was an exchange student in Egypt?
Mandee wants to be a mortition?
Mandee loves to laugh and hates to cry?
Mandee has an older brother?
Mandee is going to NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK concert in November with
her bestfriend from highschool? :)

Now I feel better. I have blogged this week. :)


Doty Family said...

Sweet post. I'm your best-friend and I didn't even know you were an exchange student in Egypt. How cool is that?

TIF said...

it was so good to read this! i didn't know ANY of those things.

Stephanie said...

This was fun to read and to learn more about you all. So sorry about Mia not sleeping through the night. I have THE HARDEST time with that. My poor kids...I have no patience in the middle of the night. :P