Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Deck Your Halls Swap

I just did a swap through a blog called Sunshine and Lemonade and had so much fun that I convinced Brandy to do one on our other blog Some of This and Some of That. We are doing a Holiday Decorating theme.
What it is,if you don't know, is you will get someones information and put together a package for them with Christmas Decorations and someone else (that you don't have) will do the same thing for you. I did it because I am sick of just getting bills in the mail!!!!! The package needs to have at least a 20 dollar VALUE but that doesn't mean you have to spend 20 dollars. I hit clearances and stuff and did a dang cute package.
So come check it out and see if you want to do it. It really was fun.

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The Wright Family said...

Sounds like fun to me, I'll have to check out the site and get more details... I love Christmas!

Oh, by the way, I've been tagged, and now so have you. You just have to go to my blog to cut and paste the rules and questions to your blog. Have a great day!