Saturday, October 11, 2008


It wasn't supposed to happen this fast!!!! One week she wasn't crawling around everywhere and now she is exploring everything!!! She made it into her and BayLees room (door wasn't shut like it was suppose to be) and I thought she was in the living room playing with the toys you can see scattered all over. Well, I go to feed her and don't see her so I start searching. She was in the bedroom happy as can be playing with a black marker!!!!! Of course I first try to blame Bay for not closing the door but then I just decided to laugh. She was happy so what does it matter. But being the great brother he is Logan ran to the computer to to make sure that they are non-toxic. Needless to say, we are going to go over the door shutting rules!!


Doty Family said...

HE, HE, HE, HA, HA, HA!! Give em' heck Mia!!

Wright Family said...

That is so cute. During moments such as this the only thing as a mom I can do is laugh. Thank goodness she has an older brother that cares so much.