Monday, September 22, 2008

Time Out For Women

I had a great little get away with my second family!! These great ladies have been in my life for 11 years, long enough they consider me a daughter and sister. We went to Las Vegas for a seminar called Time Out for Women. It was so great. By the pictures it looks like all we did was eat but we did so much more than that. We got spiritually fed too. I walked away feeling rejuvinated and feeling like maybe I am a good mom, a good wife, a good daughter. I was reminded that my Heavenly Father knows me by name and knows my worth, I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful church. There were so many emotions felt throughout the day and a half of uplifting. There was music being performed, Nashville Tribute to Joseph Smith and the Pioneers, and a wonderful artist by the name of Hillary Weeks. I think that sometimes as mothers and as ladies in general we are way too hard on ourselves, to quick to judge others, and most of all we need to take more time to do the things we enjoy doing. I am so glad I have great friends like this to do great things with. I am also so grateful to my hubby and parents for helping out with the kiddos.

A LDS tailgate party.....cheese crackers and coke!
We went to Wolfgang Pucks Lupo Restaurant at the Mandalay Bay. We think they may have spiked the water. HEE HEE!!!!
Maggie, Me, and Brandy
The Ladies who deserved a TIME OUT!!!! (Told you I chopped my hair) Of course we had to go out to eat before our drive home!

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Doty Family said...

Amen to being spirtually fed sista!! We all need to be reminded that we are doing our best and that our best is good enough. Luv ya.