Monday, September 8, 2008

That's What I Call Love

This totally made BayLees whole day yesterday. Adam has always painted mine and Bays nails (use to be every Sunday but now it is once in a while) but yesterday BayLee didn't want him to do hers. He tried to get her to let him several times during the day. He had painted Mias and mine. Well lastnight she came up to Adam and said, "Ok dad, I will make you a deal. If I can paint your toenails I will let you paint mine." Without any hesitation Adam said "OK". It was the sweetest thing I have seen in a really long time. They were both having a great time and Logan was mad that I wouldn't let him paint his own (didn't want to start a trend!). BayLee has her dad wrapped around ever finger and toe, they are the best of friends and this proved it.

She did a really good job.
I think she was still surprised he said ok.
"What do ya do?"(ignore the messy house)
I must say he has always had really nice feet. It was so weird to see pink toenails. He even kept the polish on, hasn't taken it off yet.


the sutton clan said...

that is so sweet. daddy's little girl!!! gotta love it.

Doty Family said...

Love it!! Way to be a good daddy Adam.

Vanessa~ I Never Grew Up said...

so so so sweet, I love daddy daughter fun stories, great post!