Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Potty Mouth Troubles

Can I just say I am sick and tired of potty mouths??? My wonderful Logan uses words like "poop", "fart", "idiot", and "crap" so much that I was starting to go a little crazy. First of all I know it could be worse, the word choice I guess in the big scheme of things is really not that bad. It was the amount of times these words were being said. Finally on Friday I HAD HAD ENOUGH. I told the whole family that who ever used those four words would spend five minutes in time out. Ok, five minutes in time out sounds pretty nice to me-a little vacation in fact. Well, Logan had been there quite a few times between then and Sunday evening, Adam had been there even more times(gee, I wonder where Logan gets it :) ), BayLee had been there once(her words are the words I will be sick of next week), and I felt pretty good about the point I had made to everybody and was figuring out a clever way of blogging this great idea and I hadn't been in the corner. My celebration was cut short when I was on the computer minding my own business in piece and quiet, when all of a sudden Adam scared me to death!!! I said a synonym to Crap and Logan came flying out my room and said "MOM THAT WORD DESERVES TEN MINUTES!!" Man was I put into place. So, I spent ten minutes in time out and thought about the bad example I was. I think the corner is the greatest solution and we have been so creative coming up with new ways of expressing our words.
PS. Got my hair CHOPPED!!! Will post photos of new do soon.


Doty Family said...

HE, HE, HE, HA, HA ,HA. Way to follow the rules though. It sets a great example.

Active Ackleys said...

That is so stinking hilarious. We have the same rules in our home. No crap, fart, etc. However, I think your idea will work great for the word hate. That's the word I dislike the most and seem to hear it constantly out of my 8 year old. Great job Mom!!!

Tiffany said...

Love that you follow your own consequences.

So funny.