Monday, September 8, 2008

My Scrapping Buddy

BayLee has been dying to do some scrapping with me. So we pulled out all the stuff and had a great time laughing, talking, cutting, scrapping. She has grown up so much since she has started first grade. I have really noticed this the past couple of weeks. She has so much fun at school and loves making more friends each day. She is such a good girl and I loved doing my favorite pastime with her. She got a lot of supplies for her birthday and loved using them with me. I think we will do it together more often. She is quite crafty.

Such a sweet face.

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Tiffani said...

mandee. i love this.
i love that i can just TELL that you are a good mom. you've got a good family and i'm pretty sure your kids love life! :D logan is the smartest little guy i ever met! :D its pretty amazing when such a young kid can move the whole congregation to share their testimonies. i'll never forget how powerful his is! you're so good at being a mother!!! :D