Monday, September 29, 2008

I DO Have Other Family Members!

As I looked through my blog yesterday there are two (okay three, but I don't count) people missing from our Blog. My cute hubby and my cute son Logan. I think I am having way too much fun at home with just Mia. But anyway, yesterday we were trying to convince BayLee that it is OK to let the training wheels off of her bike. Logan was trying to coax her into it and Adam was too. We are going to have a family home evening tonight about Courage I have decided. We have even told her that we will get her a new bike once she can ride without them. That is the difference between two kids. Logan didn't like the training wheels, they slowed him down. He was on a bike without them by the time he was four. Lastnight it "rained" a little bit so they went riding through puddles. It is the SIMPLE things that make kids happy. We need to remember that. It isn't the extravagent things, it is the little things. They just want our time and attention, nothing else. I love my kids so much. Adam is just one of the kids and makes us all smile. I am so blessed to be with them forever.

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Doty Family said...

Cute, cute!! J.D. was afraid too, but the lure of a new bike did it for him!! Good Luck Baylee!!