Monday, September 1, 2008

Ducks in A Row....or Geese

After spending a few hours in the house this afternoon cleaning carpets and mopping the floor we were going stir crazy and decided to go feed the ducks. The geese were crazy! They were chasing Logan all over. At first he was really scared running away screaming like ,I hate to say it, a girl. It was pretty funny. But eventually he chilled out and got pretty daring. It was so fun to see him and BayLee get so excited about something so simple. So, the next time you have some stale bread, go find some ducks to feed!!!

He forgot he was in his swim trunks and DID not want me to post pictures. But how couldn't I?
BayLee had so much fun with Dad home for three days.
Here I am coming across as being brave!
Just to know what is going through his mind at this moment.

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Doty Family said...

Fun stuff! I haven't been over there in awhile. And yes the geese are scary, so it's okay to scream like a girl! I Do!!