Wednesday, September 24, 2008

8 Months Old

She is so stinkin cute! Isn't she!!! This picture captures my heart....... I can't believe my baby is already 8 months old. Totally not fair.
Milestones we have finally reached:
*sits up straight and plays more sitting up than laying down
*does this weird sideways army crawl adorable to watch and she does it until she gets to where she wants to go.
*LOVES Gerber Graduate foods especially the Banana Puffs.
*Eats at the table with us and lets us know when she is hungry and full
*Tries to clap
*Laughs and smiles ALOT!!!!
*Sleeps through the night-still :)
*Says MAMA!!!! I know she is tallking to me, not just making noises. :)

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