Monday, September 1, 2008


Today we were going to go fishing in Pine Valley but it was really windy and chilly (ok 77 isn't chilly but I have a baby ok??). Anyways, we didn't end up going fishing so we needed to come up with something just as cool if not cooler. So we decided to pull out our rockets and launch pad. We went to a park that had a lot of grass and room for error. The kids had a blast (Adam included). It was fun to watch them count down and push the ignite button that would send the rocket high into the sky. The best part was watching them chase the rocket after the chute would open. One launch Adam actually caught the rocket-doesn't happen too often.
It was a lot of fun and fishing was never brought up again........but Fiesta Fun was. Save that for another day. I had so much fun with my hubby this weekend. He works 6 days a week and we don't really ever get to spend a lot of time as a family. The kids hardly left his side. I am so blessed to have the family I have. We have so much fun together and we make the best of every situation that comes our way. We may not be rich in wealth but the memories make us rich.

This is a shot I took AFTER a shot that Logan was giving some sort of hand signs. Hence the forced look on his face :)
Logan seriously hangs on to Adams every word. It is so entertaining to watch these two!
The hunt for the fallen rocket
No doubt BayLee loves her daddy
After the fun and the wind was too bad to continue

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