Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tree Climbing 101

Now THIS is priceless. She loves nature. We will be driving down the road and she will see litter and DEMANDS that I stop so she can pick it up. If it is safe I will do it. If not I tell her sorry and she just glares at me. Today in PineValley out of nowhere she says "Mom, how can people destroy our beautiful earth". It was so sweet.
He loved to climb the rocks but he didn't spend much time doing it because he wanted to fish. He just saw me taking pictures and wanted to do it too. What a cute.....I mean handsome...(he says he can't be cute anymore) guy.
Same tree different pose.

Future Fisherwoman!!!!! She had a blast. I thought it would be really tricky with a baby (out of practice) but it was great. She was so happy and loved hangin out and just was watching every move we made. OOOOOOOOO I love her......I could just squeeze her.

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Kris said...

I love that first one of Bay in the tree!!!!! She is beautiful!!!!!