Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Summer in Review from A-Z

Well, I can't believe it but the summer is almost over! Logan and BayLee go back to school next week and I must say I am kinda sad. At the beginning of summer my greatfriend Brandy called me and said in a panic sounding voice,"How many more days until school starts"? I thought I would be funny and count them for her so after counting I wanted to cry."Only 76 days!" I thought we were both going to cry. But really the summer went by pretty fast. So I thought it would be fun to do our summer from A-Z. Have fun reading it!

A- All day swimming
B- BayLees 6th Birthday
C- Circus in Las Vegas
D- Driving around looking for waterfalls after the rain
E- Eating different foods
F- Folded many loads of laundry
H- Hugs hugs hugs
I- Ice Cream (DUH-That was hard)
J- Jumped through sprinklers to cool off
K- Kissed many owies better
L- Logan turned 10
M- Mesquite NV (spent all day swimming)
N- Naps with Mia
O- overnighters with Grandma and Grandpa Boggess
P- Pine Valley Campouts
Q- Quiet cuddling moments in the morning
R- Reading 45 minutes a day
S- Sleeping in until 8:30 or nine (a first for us-Logan even slept in until 11:00 once or twice!)
T-Taking turns on computer (i had to BEG for a turn)
U-Unforgettable conversations
V- Vacation, Vacation, Vacation
W- Walks to the gas station for a drink (before 100 degrees hit)
x- marks the spot with geocahing
Y- Yo-yo tricks (They went through quite a few yoyos this summer)
Z- zzzzzzzzzz sleep (just kidding)

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Katie said...

way cute post. it is fun to remember... when do your kids go back to school?