Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mamma Mia

My friend Kris and I went to Mamma Mia lastnight. Ok, I saw My Best Friends Wedding 17 times in the theater over 10 years ago and have yet to see a movie that could come close to topping it. Mamma Mia passes it up with flying colors and I only needed to see it once to know that. I felt like jumping out of my seat to sing and dance along. I also think I loved it so much because it was filmed in Greece (I had to stick around to read the credits to make sure it wasn't fake Greece!). After living in Greece it was great to see it portrayed so great. I love that it is all about womanhood and friendship. It brought out every emotion. Thank heavens for ABBA and Mamma Mia. Pierce Brosnon was fabulous, cannot stand James Bond but he did wonderful in this. You HAVE to go see it. So, get a group of ladies together and go on a girls night out. I hope to get a group together to see the play in Vegas. LOVED IT!!!! Thanks Adam for being so great and always letting me hang out with the girls. I love you.


the sutton clan said...

My 13 year old neice really wants to see this, but from the previews it looks to be inapproriate for that age group to me. Just with the basis of the mom having been sleeping around so much and that it's ok, in fact it's kind of cool. What do you think??? Is it only approriate for adults who can navigate through the moral grayness that is portrayed in the film???

the sutton clan said...

thanks for the review! very helpful info. ;-).