Friday, August 8, 2008

A Little of This and A Little of That

I am proud to announce that I have expanded my blogging world!!! Brandy and I have started a new blog today all about helping out moms with great ideas. We are both addicted to blog hopping and find all sorts of great ideas. Some ideas we leave the same and some we twist to our own liking.
One day we were both talking about doing another blog with cooking, crafts, great tips, and good ideas. Brandy called me the next day and suggested we do one together. I am so excited to do this. I hope all of you check it out often and please feel free to share a great idea you have. Afterall that is what being a mom is all about, we help eachother out.
Part of me thinks I am crazy. I spend a lot of time on this blog, I wonder how much time I will spend adding to a second one. :) The things we do!!!!

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Active Ackleys said...

Pretty smart!!! I was just thinking the same thing the other day, but I'll just contribute to you guys instead!!! I live by quick cleaning and cooking and crafting ideas. Have to with 3 kids and school. Good luck! I'm looking forward to checking out the new spot weekly.