Monday, August 25, 2008

Innocent Humor

One of my favorite things to do while I am driving the kids around is to listen to what they have to say to eachother. Sometimes it is nice and other times not so nice but this morning it was great humor.

Logan and BayLee were talking about playing girls chase boys and vice-versa. Of course Bay loves boy chases girls. She was saying she likes to have them chase her. Logan then says (this is where it gets good) "I love poking the girls with my finger until they chase me. They hate being poked. So I will poke them and they will chase me." BayLee says<"Why" Logan says,"I love it when the girls chase me because then I am covered in girls. AWWWW.Such a cheap way to get a girls attention". I about fell out of the drivers seat from laughing so hard. He said it so seriously and he meant it. He had no idea I was listening so of course then he became embarrased but it was great. I love that boy-so innocent and willing to say EXACTLY what is on his mind.

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