Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fish For Dinner

We spent the day fishing today. YES we should have been somewhere else but Adam had the itch to fish and the guy never has a day off.(This is my justification!). We had a great time. We went on a 30 minute drive out of the desert into the mountains to beautiful Pine Valley. It was such a pretty day. Usually I fish too but I was busy enough taking care of lunch, Mia, and wishing for a COKE. Adam only packed water because it is "better" for us. I think I made myself get a migraine because I "Needed" a coke!!!!! We spent about five hours up there and had a great time.
BayLee waited the longest to catch a fish. She was getting bored and impatient UNTIL she caught one. She was so happy. That is my girl.
Logan and BayLee insisted that Dad kisses the fish. Well, Adam did. He said he was trying to give it mouth to mouth because it was a little on the small size but the silly guy swallowed the hook. (The fish did not Adam)
Logan took this picture. It was the last fish caught of the day. We got it home and it was 12 inches long and it was caught by Logan. Thanks for dinner buddy!
Logan is so fun to watch fish. He takes it SOOOO serious. Maybe that is why he always catches the biggest and the most. He is very careful about how he does it and is the first to give advice to fishermen that may be by us. Today he said "Mom, they need to make my sport an olympic event. I would for sure win the Gold". I love confidence.
Adam is such a great sport when it comes to fishing. He always spends most of the time fixing lines, casting, getting lines unstuck from the trees, unhooking fish. But he was able to catch two today, so that was good. He is so great, he even butterflies them when he cleans them so we won't choke on bones. I have had my share of fishbones stuck in my throat-not a great feeling-so he researched how to butterfly them for me and now my kids are spoiled by that too!!

Can you tell Adam has chased Logan with a few fish in his lifetime. Logan always keeps an eye on the fish. We tried to get him to kiss it but he wouldn't. I guess he doesn't do EVERYTHING his dad does.


Doty Family said...

Fun Day! Jealous, I wish I could go fishing. Looks like fun!

Kristen said...

Hey, the way I see it, you were together with your family...that counts for something! Especially when your husband is gone so much. Take it when you can!