Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have put a lot of new posts on today. Ihave been out of town for about a week between Cedar City and Mesquite, NV. We were able to spend a couple of days with my brother and his family. We all stayed at my parents house and we still love eachother. We made a trip to Denny's for breakfast (thanks goes out to our patient waitress Emily), we took the kids to the park to wear them out (didn't quite work), I stayed up with Mia two nights in a row (teething, strange place, snoring sister in same room), took a 1 a.m trip to the Maverick and Hamilton Fort (first attempt at getting Mia to sleep, I don't usually use the car ride approach but it did work), drove on my parents lawn, (my brother was to tired to go get the keys to his car so I had to do a 1,000,000 point turn to get off the driveway,love ya Tony), watched Grandpa put together a basketball hoop thing (my brother got it for him for his birthday and we watched him put it together, something is wrong with this picture), we had bbqs out on the patio and it rained each time we would set the table ( I think it did that just because Jen had to carry Annalisa inside and outside eachtime it rained), we had waterfights, played duck duck goose (I ended up playing it by myself), stayed up late (oh wait!!! I stayed up ALL night!!!!) I hope you have fun looking at all of these pictures. If not, pretend you did and send me a comment!!! :) I love to hear what you have to say!!!!!!!!!


Tiffani said...

hey! i like your posts. and i love that you take pictures. and i think you're wonderful.

Brandy and Josh said...

Cute toes!!! Love the picture of your dad with Bay up on his shoulders. You gotta love makng memories and Annalisa is a doll!