Friday, July 18, 2008


Precious Moment

Happy Mom!! I love you Jen!!!

What a proud dad! I am so glad he has
a little princess!

The proud Big Brother Ajay!!!! I wonder what is going through his mind!!

I am proud to introduce to you my neice Annalisa Jean Boggess. She is so cute!! I haven't seen her in person yet but I can't wait to. My brother and his wife decided to be suprised with what the baby would be. They did this with my nephew too. I thought they were crazy but it was actually really fun to find out at the last second. I screamed so loud I woke up Mia when my mom called and said it was a girl. Her and Mia are only 5 months apart so that will be really fun. Everyone is healthy and happy and I am so happy to be an aunt for the second time.


Active Ackleys said...

Congratulations!!!! They are very cute! It's always a blessing when family grows.

Brandy & Josh said...

Welcome to the world sweet Annalisa and congrats to Tony and Jen. Cute, Cute, Cute!!!!

Stephanie said...

That is so exciting. Congratulations to Jen and Tony! That is so fun that they waited to find out. I bet she is so cute. After all, Ajay is such a cutie. Love that picture of him.