Thursday, July 31, 2008

Painful Humor

The day before Logans birthday he had been at work with Adam and brought home packing pillows (big bags used in shipping instead of bubble wrap). Well, I was busy trying to get Mia out of her carseat (we had just been all over town and she was screaming bloody murder). All of a sudden I hear a terrible cracking sound and feel a BOOM and look outside and Logan was on his bottom on the patio and screaming louder than anything I have ever heard. Seriously, I think he could have outscreamed a Bansie. He was holding his foot and BayLee was looking at him like "what the heck is your deal?". Of course I go running(as if I can really run) out and ask "What did you do"? He kept screaming like his foot was off his leg. I said a little louder "I CAN"T HELP YOU IF YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED" He then says (still screaming)"I jumped on the air cushion and it feels like my foot exploded! I need to go to the Emergency Room right now."First of all only Logan would BEG to go to the ER. I look down and the darn bag didn't even pop!!!! Keep in mind Mia is still very hungry and tired. Of course only things like this happen when you are going nutso anyways. I try to get Logan to stand up and he REFUSES and INSISTS I carry him to the van. So I call Adam and tell him I am taking Logan to the ER. He meets me there, I send BayLee and Mia to a friend (with everything BUT a bottle) so of course a bottle is bought and Mia is ok. We get put on the fasttrack in the ER because Logan is acting as if his foot is going to fall off and he knows for sure that it is broken because he felt like his "foot exploded". So we get in the back in like five minutes (good for DRMC) he gets a wheelchair ride, an x-ray and the doctor comes in 25 minutes later (brace yourself) and says "There is nothing broken I think it is just bruised. But I will print off some pictures of the x-ray and you can put them in a scrapbook." Logan then says "My foot HAS to be broken. Look again. How can you explain why it felt like my foot exploded. I know it is broken and I need crutches" By this time I am dying. It quickly goes from pity to EMBARRASEMENT!!! I couldn't believe it. But the doctor said " Well, I was going to give you crutches because you do need to stay off of it. But just for a couple of days. Your heel is is what we call a stone bruise. The kind of bruise you would get by walking down a stoney beach." ARE YOU KIDDING????? If you are getting bruises from walking down a stoney beach....GET OFF OF THE STONES!!!! So, needless to say Logan loved the crutches. Holy Cow. Thank you DRMC for being so helpful and patient. I am sure we were the joke of the day. This is how we passed time waiting to hear from the doctor.


Anonymous said...

How scary! I am dreading my first trip to the ER. It is bound to happen someday because Harrison is such a klutz.

Brandy said...

Logan, Logan, Logan. What can we say buddy. We need to wrap you in a bubble.