Wednesday, July 23, 2008

JDs Birthday Party

Cool effects on this picture.

BayLee and Brooklyn (JDs neighbor)

Mia and Piper-Friends Forever

Now this is wierd!!! She looks just like me in this picture.

I went to post this blog and realized I don't have any pictures of JD the Birthday boy. We went to the splash pad for his party. BayLee and JD are the best of buddies. They share a lot of the same friends so that made it even funner. It is always so good to see friends during the summer. Logan and BayLee are so ready to go back to school (I think I am ready for that too). Mia had fun at the party hangin out until Josh scared her just for the fun of it. What would we do without people that love to scare babies. He better watch his back. :)

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