Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan

I can't believe Logan is ten years old!!!! Isn't it scary how fast time flies. He brings so much happiness and enthusiam and energy to our family. He has a sweet spirit and if I could just chill out he would probably make me laugh a lot. :) He had quite the birthday. We went to Mesquite on Friday and stayed all day Saturday. Adam took him and BayLee to Journey to the Center of the Earth ( I opted to "lose" 10 dollars to the Oasis), took him to Samurai 21 for dinner, came home had cake. SUNDAY we had the Doty Clan and the Snow family come over for cake and ice-cream. MONDAY went to Cedar and Uncle Tony made him a Steak dinner and got him a cake. The kids fell asleep before cake and presents so TUESDAY MORNING he opened gifts from Tonys family then TUESDAY NIGHT he had another birthday cake. HIS BIRTHDAY IS OVER!!!!! Happy Birthday Logan, We love you.

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