Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When ya gotta go ya gotta go!

Ok , this happened almost a week ago but it has taken me this long to get over the embarrasment. So, Adam and I were on a date eating Mexican food and I had decided to hold Mia instead of having her be stuck in her car seat while Adam and I enjoyed ourselves. Well, all was going great, the mood, the conversation, the company.......when all of a sudden Mia decides to well, how do I put it, to fill her diaper with "#2". I look down and see it coming up her back side and headed over her shorts, I look up at Adam with a "HELP ME: (not sure what I expected him to do). Then Mia decides to finish her job and it goes up and over her shorts and continues down my lap, onto the seat, and ends up on my bottomside. OH MY GOSH!!!! I was dying, so I pick up Mia, cover my bottom with the diaper bag and proceed the one room bathroom. OF COURSE no changing table so I pull a blanket out of the bag and put Mia on that. I then take my pants and run them under the sink.......DUH should have looked to see if there was a dryer first (in the mean time Mia is talking, laughing, blowing raspberries.....she has no idea her mom is about to cry!) I look around for the hand dryer to dry my pants and NO DRIER!!! THERE ARE PAPER TOWELS!!! In the mean time people are banging on the door to come in. I looked for a hole for her and I to somehow disappear. So, after I was unable to find a worm hole to travel in I got dressed (Mia was dressed right away of course I carry extra clothes for her), covered up with the diaper bag and had NO desire to eat refried beans and rice so we headed out and Adam got me some other clothes while I waited in the car. IT WAS TERRIBLE but I can finally laugh about it. ISn't it fun to be a parent..... I LOVE IT!!!!!

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Stephanie said...

Oh, how awful. It's good you can laugh about it, though. I would have been crying. Thanks for the comment on our blog. I was excited to see that you have a blog too. It is so fun to keep in touch this way. Your kids are so cute. Hopefully, we can see you all soon.