Monday, June 9, 2008

Many faces of my wife

My wife Mandee can make the strangest faces! She has a very animated personality and it surely comes through with her facial expressions. The one face she didn't make for me is her trademark "gizmo" face but that will have to for another blog. I noticed she wasn't anywhere really on this blog so I will do my part and put her whole personality on here! Love ya Bella!


the sutton clan... said...

MANDEE!!! I got our tickets for NKOTB!!!!! Salt Lake was way cheaper than Tacoma- and I figure it's closer for you. But we're on the floor- 25th Row!!!!! BOO-YAA!!! Nov. 15th!!! If you know anyone in the area we could crash with that'd be great. I think I've got a few mission comps there- I'll check it out on my end. I'm soooo excited!!!

Kris said...

I love the pictures!!!! They are so you! I am so excited for you, going to New Kids! It will be a blast.