Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday BayLee

I can't believe that BayLee is six years old!!!! I had fun doing this little project....brought back memories. I must admit she is pretty dang cute!!!!!

Newborn June 14, 2002
First Birthday 2003

Second Birthday 2004

Third Birthday 2005

Fourth Birthday 2006
Fifth Birthday 2007

Sixth Birthday 2008
We love you BayLee and thank you for being such a happy little girl. Your sparkling eyes lighten up our lives. Love, Mom and Dad


Active Ackleys said...

It's amazing how much she resembles you. If I knew any better, I'd think you cloned yourself. She's amazing and congratulations on 6 wonderful years.

Brandy & Josh said...

Cute girl!! We love her lots.