Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fun in the Garden

I took the kids up to Cedar City for a couple of days to visit Nonna and Nonno (grandma and grandpa) and while we were there we went to Aunt Dianas Bed and Breakfast to visit. Her house is so beautiful and the garden is delightful. Logan and BayLee had fun trimming branches, watering flowers, cleaning bird feeders and baths. You should check out the webpage of my aunts BnB!!!! http://www.thegardencottagebnb.com/ A great place to stay if you are ever in Cedar City Utah.

Logan loved this corner, in fact he trimmed the branches and in doing so found a resin statue of a little boy that my aunt had forgotten she had. It was fun to see him so excited about it.

Mia loves Great Auntie Diana

Bay was in heaven in the garden. She
thought these big poppies were cool!

BayLee was really loving having her picture taken in
the pretty garden.

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