Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fun at the Circus!

Aren't these glasses cool??? Logan loved the circus. He could have stayed all night long. His favorite part was the motorcycles inside of a steel ball. They fit seven motorcyles in it......I had to turn my head, couldn't watch it. But Logan wanted to give it a try. :)

These elephants were awesome. This was
by far my favorite part. Watching them
work together and do things that you wouldn't
think were possible.

Of course BayLees favorite part was.....ALL OF IT!!!! She really liked her name being in the title of the Circus!!!! The clowns were also a big hit. Mia just slept through it and Grandma and Grandpa had a great time watching the kids enjoy it. P.s. The elephants must have eaten right before they came out because stinky things started happening when they laid down :)

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