Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Discovery Park

We took the kids to a great park in Cedar City. We spent quite awhile there, had a KFC picnic. Grandpa played some catch with Logan and BayLee. Logan and BayLee made a few new friends and also held their own against a few others!!!Gotta watch out for those park bullies :) Logan found a wallet and we were able to return it to the owner. I was proud of Logan for bringing it right to me. What a good kiddo.

Aren't Grandmas the best
Don't ask me why he HAD to get on TOP of the car??!!??!!A cop car at that!!!
I loved this picture....so innocent and cute.
I can't believe he is turning 10! Doesn't he look so grown up.
Look at those Baby Blue eyes.

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Brandy & Josh said...

Mia is so cute!! Oh my gosh, cute picture!! BayLee and Logan are cute too!!!