Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Fun in the sun with the boys

Logan and Adam love to go and play in the water, they some times take their toys with them and here are some of those toys! They really love RC toys. They have planes, trains and automobiles,rockets, and helicopters. Adam is really good at making them from scratch.

Adams Little Tug Boat *North Star*(made from scratch)

Adams Sail Boat *Sanabel*(made from kit)

Adams Gas Boat *Little Red*(found in attic!)

Logan was caught off gaurd when Adam brought the boat up behind him!

Adams Big Gas Boat *Big Red*(aka CokeCola)(made from scratch)

The boys really seem to enjoy each other when they go out playing.
Logan really wants to be just like his dad in everyway including the ability to build toys.

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The Sutton Clan said...

wow. those boats are a LOT bigger than they look in the distance pictures!