Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Leader of the Pack

The joys of scouting!!! I am not what you would call a very involved scout mom but I realized that Logan was only two months away from becoming a Weblo and still hadn't earned his Bear, so I looked through his book and we hauled bootie to get it lastnight at Pack meeting. Now we all know Mormon standard time and by 7:15 the Dover Family was the only family there (started at 7:00 and we got there at 6:50). I thought I had lucked out and would be able to go home and watch American Idol but people started showing up and Pack Meeting started at 7:25. Logan received his Bear and since mom didn't know that you had to earn the Bear before you could earn arrows he got a whole bunch of arrows too! No wonder he wasn't getting any of the awards we had been working on!!!!! Now he can start working on more arrows. We are so proud of him and know that he will continue be a great scout. Although lastnight he received the "Leave No Trace Behind" award he asked the Den Leader (or whatever she is called!)if he could litter now that he had received the award. You gotta love his honesty. P.s. Adam was behind the camera.

Logan receiving his Bear Award from Sister Mackey.
It Pays to Show up on time!! The Dover
Family won a Chinese Checkers Game!

Receiving the Mothers Pin I love you Logan

Mia had the best time just hangin out


Kris said...

Great Job Logan!!!!!!

Brandy & Josh said...

Cute picture of Mia. Good job Mom, oops, I mean Logan!! Just kidding, way to go!