Saturday, May 17, 2008

Last week of school????IMPOSSIBLE!

I cannot believe that we are entering the last week of school. It seems like yesterday I was wiping away kindergarten tears (make note the tears were from my eyes-not BayLees), and now Kindergarten and fourth grade have gone away. This year has gone by so quickly and my children were blessed with great teachers. The best news is that I can't tell you if the principal has changed her office around. Why? You ask? Because this is the first year I haven't had to visit with her!!!! That in itself has been a blessing! :) We have had a lot go on this year. Logan was in the Sign Language Club, the School Choir, he competed in the geography bee, did a report on Weber County (WHO DID THE REPORT!?!?!?!?!), Made a covered wagon for his pioneer report, Track day, and many parties. BayLee being in kindergarten didn't do as much but she got a good deed noticed certificate, reading coupons for Pizza Hut, accomplished crayon goals and was able to attend the end of year party for completing all crayons, was the Star of the Week, and their whole class won for walking the most miles around the track. Their school is trying to become a gold medal school by being healthy and active.
I am sad to see the school year end but I am excited to see what first and fifth grade has in store!! I will be sure to let you know!!! :) We love Red Mountain Elementary!!!!!!! Note to self:AVOID PTO PRESIDENT- THEY WILL TRY TO GET YOU TO BE PRESIDENT!!!!!

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Kris said...

Also stay away from PTO member and past presidents. They will also try to get you to be president. (I have already had several that are in my ward ask me)