Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hidden Oasis

Today we found a great park! My great friends and our gaggle of children went on a picnic and playdate. There is a great park in Hidden Valley with a HUGE playground and a splash pad. We seriously could have stayed there all day. They all had a wonderful time and when I say ALL I mean 5 rambuxious boys and one moody girl and two baby girls. They had fun getting wet and getting eachother wet. Water shooting out of the ground wasn't good enough, they had to empty our drinking waters on eachothers head-what is it in the human nature that makes us want to have water fights? It was really fun to sit back and watch kids have fun. Thank heavens for parks and thank heavens for 80 degree weather (won't be able to say that much longer).

Logan drying off

BayLee and J.D. BFF and E and E and E
Spider-Man in the flesh (he really thinks so)
How come it is always two against one?
And here is Superman in flesh


Brandy & Josh said...

They are so cute!! Let's go agian soon!! Thanks for posting all of their pictures.

Kris said...

Ditto Brandy!!!! I love that picture of Kaleb. THanks