Friday, April 11, 2008

Too Cute to Pass Up

This morning I put Mia in her carseat to take Logan and BayLee to school and she was sooooo happy. She is getting to the smiley laughing stage and is so very cute!!!! I just couldn't resist taking pictures of her precious smile. I asked BayLee if I could eat Mia up since she was so cute and BayLee said "As long as I get her fingers and toes". So needless to say we are loving her to pieces. Isn't it amazing being a mother??? I couldn't ask for a better job. Ok enough of the sappiness......... 11 weeks old.


The Garden Cottage Bed and Breakfast said...

Mandee she is soooo cute...What a little sweetheart! We love her smile!

Kris said...

Those are so cute!!! Can I have some of her too?! :P