Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Today I was privileged enough to go with BayLees Kindergarten class to the Hafen Farm. Talk about STINKY!!! The wind was blowing so hard that we were getting the smells from chicken messes, cow messes, and pig messes all at the same time. BayLee started gagging about half way through it and I thought she was going to join two boys that were SICK...... I had to bury her face into my jacket so she couldn't smell anything. :) It is a really cool farm though. He has this little one and then he has another one that is 850 acres up in northern Utah. He is a really nice farmer and let the kids touch the animals. Since it is spring the baby piglets were hanging out-I must say the babies are cuter than the adults!!!!!

Keep one eye on the Cows
What is that FUNKY smell????
Luke, Javier, Travis, Jared, Mitzi, Brayden, and BayLee

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Kris said...

Glad I wasn't there. I probably would have been sick too. EW!

But the animals are cool without the smell.