Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day Weekend

We took a little camping trip this weekend to PineValley for Fathers Day. We had so much fun and I am not exaggerating when I tell you, there was NO fighting, NO complaining (except from me when I was freezing to death at night), and NO whining. What I wouldn't give to spend every waking moment camping. It is probably my most favorite thing to do. I think it is because I grew up camping. I loved it when I was little and thank heavens our kids love it too. There is no way I could do it without Adam though. He is so smart and handy. He loves to cook while camping and even washes the dishes while we are camping. I have now banned dishes while camping....we are going to strict paper and plastic. It is way too time consuming to do dishes in the wilderness.
We had so much fun. We took several walks to and from the bathroom because the girls were too afraid to go by themselves and when one of us had to go, the whole family would walk to the bathroom. It was quite comical actually. We played card games, SPAZ UNO was the favorite and we all laughed so hard, until there was a loser.....then there were tears shed. We need to work on learning how to lose apparently. We also played with Bondoogal and embrodiery floss and made bracelets. I was sure I remembered how to make friendship bracelets......I failed epically. :)
I am so grateful for my childrens father. He is so great with them and teaches them so much. They have a love and bond with him that is unbreakable. I am in love with him and I am so happy that he is mine forever.

 The LUCKIEST Dad around. The kids sang to Adam
morning at the campsite and I had each of them tell him
a favorite memory they have with dad.
Logan: Fathers and Sons every year.
BayLee: Camping and Fishing
Mia: Being born (Hey she's four!I think that is pretty sweet!)
 This is one of my best reasons to go camping. The kids
have no distractions such as TV, computer, or Video games.
The girls covered me in hugs and loves. Took many walks
to the bathroom with this cute little button.
 Mia was a camping Diva. What a hoot. I just love this
little girl. I wish I could just bottle up the love she has
for me and Adam, to remind her she loved us. :)
 I am pretty sure Logan is a pure clone of Adam. These
two had such a great time together. It was so great to
watch them this weekend.
 Best Friends Forever (That is what Mia was saying
all weekend)
 And of course the begged me to climb up on this
huge rock. Getting up was easy.....the going down, another
story. BayLee told me to just "slide down it". I am afraid
those days are long gone. The ole bones don't work like they
use too. OH WAIT! My knee bones never worked! :)
 What would a dad be without a little teasing from time to time.

 I lost a dollar because of this picture. I told him that if
he put his finger through the fishes gills and out the mouth
I would pay him a dollar. Dang.....
 I didn't offer him anything to kiss the fish.....he did it on
his own FOR FREE!!!
 And of course.....since Dad did it........( I didn't offer to
pay him anything either!)
 10 fish later! And that, my friends, is why I like to go
 PYROMANIAC himself! Dang, Logan could NOT stay
away from the fire.
Aw look....Bambi wanted to join our family!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Miss Tony

My wonderful, awesome brother passed away a little over a month ago and it is now just hitting me. Does this make me a bad person that it took me a month to cry and mourn? I miss him soooooo much and I can't even begin to explain the pain my heart is feeling these days. I just continue to go on and pretend that my heart isn't breaking but when I am alone all I do is cry. I hate myself for not being there when he passed away. I was with him for five weeks before he passed away and I know I should hold on to that but I just can't. I was suppose to be there the day before he passed away but I had a Young Womens activity that I felt like I needed to be at so I stayed an extra day. Then I decided I would go up on friday and he passed away on Thursday. I know that thinking about it won't change the way things happened. But when I kissed his little bald forehead the day I left (five days before he passed away) I told him I would be back in a couple of days and he said "ok, don't stay away too long". I was gone one day too long..... But I do know that he was protecting me probably and didn't want me to see him get worse. But it doesn't make the pain any better. I miss him so much. I miss the random phonecalls we would make, I miss his advice (which he would give only if I asked-which made him a great listener), I miss him laughing at me, I miss everything. I wish I had called him more during the past 15 months.
Tony was the best brother anyone could have asked for. We never fought. I can say that honestly. He was always there for me. If someone ever hurt my feelings, he would have my back. I am scared to be the only child left here on this earth now. I want to see him. I want to feel his presence. I know that he could let me feel his presence if he wanted to. 
I am just carrying on with life in hopes that it will get better and maybe if I just smile all the time I will feel better. I don't want to be a whiney person and cry all the time around people so I just hold it all in until I am alone. I have to be strong for those around me. Sometimes I wish I could just tell people that I am hurting, but that just isn't me. I have to help my mom and dad through this hard time.
I am so thankful for the opportunity I got to serve him the last five weeks of his life. We spent a lot of time together. My favorite times were when it was just him and I at his house and I could lay on the bed next to him and hold his hand while he slept. I loved that when he needed something and he couldn't see me, he would ask my parents to go "get my sister". He felt comfortable with me helping and I know that he knew I was there. I loved helping him up the stairs. I loved watching him speak at his school for the last time and seeing the great tribute they set up in his name. What a guy. I love him and miss him terribly. I am blessed with the knowledge that we are an eternal family. I am so greatful for that. I know that his spirit is here with me. I know that he loves me and I hope he knows how much I love him.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Have Been Forced To Eat My Words

If you would have told me two weeks ago that I would like the St. George Pool I would have laughed my guts out. For the 12 years we have lived here I haven't ever taken my kids to this pool because it looked, put it nicely.....a little rugged and spooky. I thought it would be dirty, grose, and not appealing at all. A couple of weeks ago we had a Beehive Super Activity and my advisor and very good friend Melanie suggested we take the girls to this pool. She went on and on about how nice it is and how it has a kiddie pool for the little kids and the older kids love the hydrotube. I looked at her like she had lost her marbles. I didn't want to take my kids to this pool let alone other peoples kids. But she is the boss, so she won and we took the girls there.

(this is where I swallow a lump of pride soup) It is the BEST pool ever! So today I met Melanie and Amy and their kids and we visited while they played. Bay and Logan both brought friends so they were entertained while I was at the kiddie pool with Mia. In fact, I stayed an extra hour and half after Mel and Amy watched Mia splash and swim her little heart out. What a great day!!

The Three Muskeeters playing Ring around the Rosies in the pool. MOST of the times these
three are really good friends. :)
 Logan really is a sweet kid. He kept on coming over to sit by me. I think
he really just wanted to make sure I was still close by....or he wanted two bucks for a sno cone!
Bay and her friend Treena. They live a couple blocks away from eachother and never play
during the school year but once summer hits, they are unseperable! They are so sweet and had a
great time swimming.

So after all that, if you are ever in St. George Utah, first give me a call, then we can go to the best kept secret in St. George!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wanna Play Spoons?

I am not a very competitive person when it comes to playing games with other people. I am usually a good winner and a good loser. But put me in a circle with 10 other people, 3 decks of cards, and 9 spoons, things will get a little intense. Each time the circle of people got smaller and smaller after people would get out, my heart would race a little faster, my focusing ability would kick in, and before I knew it it had come down to me and a little 12 year old in the final round. Now typically I would go easy on a youngster but my insides just took me over and would NOT let me lose. I was focused, I was determined and therefore I became the SPOONS CHAMP!!! Not ONCE but TWICE.  So maybe, just maybe, I have a little competitive streak brewing inside of me waiting patiently to escape!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours

Oh Me Oh My!! This is our project for the day. SOOOO embarrasing but hey.....just keepin it real!

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Outside Girl

Who needs the splash pad or park when your girl is SUPER happy in her own backyard? Seriously she spends 90% of the daytime hours outside in the backyard playing with the dogs, on her trikes, on her little tike car, or in empty swimming pools apparently. It is only day 2 of summer and I feel like the worse mom on the block because everyone else is taking their kids here or there and everywhere and I am just hanging out at home. But I have come to the conclusion I am at an inbetween stage in my life, which is very odd. I have Logan that is 13 and is too "cool" to hang out with his mom so he runs a muck around the neighborhood, which is good because he needs to make friends. BayLee is my little social butterfly and is constantly invited places so she isn't really ever home. So, so far it is just Mia and I hanging out and reading together and playing together. Sometimes I feel bad that I am not "hanging out" with friends at the park or running the kids here or running there, but I guess if we are happy then that is what matters.
I need to learn to stop comparing myself to other moms. There isn't a "right" way or a "wrong" way, I just need to be happy and content with "my way". I did all the running running running with Logan and BayLee in summers past and I guess by the time kid three comes and your kids are four to five years apart, the need or desire kinda leaves. But as long as I can look at happy faces like this all day, then I will be happy.

Monday, January 31, 2011

First Time Snow Boarder on Board

Thanks to a very good friend, Adam and Logan were able to go up to Brian Head on Saturday and hit the slopes. Adam hadn't been since we've been married, which he had been a snowboarding instructor before then, and so he has been excited to take Logan. Logan was a "natural", as he puts it. He did such a great job and the two of them had a great day together. And in my head, that was the whole point! They left Friday evening, spent the night in Cedar, then spent all day Saturday up the mountain.

I must say he looks pretty cute (he would kill me if he knew I used that word) standing so Macho like next to the board
I couldn't believe Adam sent him on the chair alone! I guess
the instructor made them go alone. YIKES!

What would a ski trip be without a yummy lunch?
*Take note of the Tupperware Eco waterbottle :)
What a "natural". He only fell once.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I HATE Cancer

My families life was turned upside down in the beginning of July. I had just recovered from a nasty wisdom tooth surgery and got a phone call that I will never forget. My brother had been admitted to the hospital with a ruptured colon and had been told that he has Colon cancer. I went up to Salt Lake and spent a week with him and family and waited for results to come back after his surgery. We waited and waited and waited. Watched fireworks for the the 4th of July from his hospital window. Watched the parade from that same window. We laughed, we cried, we worried, and we above all prayed. Several people came and visited him. It was a constant flow of people that it got to the point that they had to turn people away just so he could get some rest.

Well, I had to return home without any results, because of the holiday weekend pathology was behind. I got the phone call the day after I got back (of course) that it was indeed colon cancer and has spread to his liver. I have never felt so angry and sad all at the same time. I really wanted to punch somebody or something. This couldn't be happening to MY brother, my ONLY sibling. It seemed like I was having a nightmare I just couldn't wake up from.

He hasn't started chemo yet because he needs to fully recover from the nasty surgery that he underwent. He looks so much better now than the day he did before going into surgery. We spent last weekend with him and his adorable family. We are all anxiously awaiting the chemo and radiation to start so he can FIGHT this fight and kick it in the ...... (ok I will keep it clean but know I am thinking another word) butt. I love Tony so much and can't even begin to imagine what he is feeling inside. What him and his awesome wife, Jen, think and talk about. I just want to push the "stop" button and make it all stop. I pray and pray and pray more than I ever have. I am scared more than I have ever been. Feelings that have never been felt, fears that we never thought we would ever face. Positive thinking will get him far so that is what we need to do for him and for us. He is my hero and I know that he has what it takes to win.
Thanks for your endless prayers.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

BayLees Baptism

This weekend was a special one. BayLee was able to be Baptized and Confirmed a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. What a special day it was! She looked so beautiful in her white dress and Adam was so excited to Baptize his little girl. She had a lot of family and friends there to share in her big day.
I am so proud of her decision to get Baptized and she was super giggly and giddy as we were getting her out of her baptism clothes. She had a glow about her that was so apparent and true. I love you BayLee and am so happy for you.

I love this picture. She was a little nervous and Adam was giving her
a little talk to calm her.
Moments like those we had today are what makes life so worth it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swimming Fun

Well, Summer has finally hit us and I wish it were still Spring. We jumped from the 80's to 107! What a jump! But because of this we have busted out the swim suits and have begun to play in the water. We had so much fun today hanging out on our patio with the water misters getting us cooled off. We have cut down our TV time DRASTICALLY and have been enjoying our yard and eachother. Mia got DARLING swimsuits from some friends of ours and LOVES to hang out in her little pool. I must say she is the cutest swimmer around!

This is my FAV picture!
What a cute poser!

Drip Dry!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mia, You make me smile.

This girl simply cracks me up! She is beginning to get her little personality and isn't afraid to let it shine. She doesn't get into mischeif much but she sure knows what she wants. She has spunk and that is what I love about her. She has quite a few friends that she really gets along with and a few not so well. Two year olds are so hard to teach how to share. They are just trying to learn and it is so hard to teach them without causing conflict.
Mia has quite the vocabulary and I love to hear her say things like "sit right here" or "not now" or "coke peese" or "this is MINE" or "can I go night night". I love that she calls horses "ha has" and birds "ca cas". I love to see what she has learned so I ask for random things like "will you please get me the broom" (she brings me the broom), "will you please bring me mommys makeup" (she brings me the makeup).
I look forward to spending times with her. I need to learn to enjoy the "two year old" moments instead of dread them and get annoyed by them. This is the end for us, she is our caboose so I need to remind myself of that often. I need to enjoy the fact that she wants to sit on my lap whenever I sit down. I need to put stuff aside and cuddle a little longer, laugh with her a little longer, read to her more often. She is a sponge, I need to help her soak it all up. The world is ready and waiting for her to explore it.
I love that she is a daddys girl. I think every daddy needs one. She has him wrapped around his fingers and noone can remove her. She loves it when he comes home from work (so do I) :) She has to call him a couple times during the day and I am so glad that he takes her calls. It is only for a second but she has to know that he is around. It is so cute.

She loved sitting in her carseat all day today in the living room.
I caught her eating cookie dough out of the Papa Murphys container!
Who did she learn that from? HER DAD!!
Don't you just love her hair? She twists her hair around her finger all day. She doesn't have much hair and she won't leave anything in it, so she pretty much looks like this everyday! :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hilary Weeks Ultimate Mom "To Do" List Song

Isn't this the truth? I have seen her several times in concert and this song makes me laugh each time. Expains the hum drum I have been feeling to a T! We could be friends....I know it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wo is Me

February? Really? That is the last time I blogged? That is so crazy and so unlike me. Well, a lot has been unlike me lately. I have had a serious case of the Wo is me. I am not one that likes to whine, or feel sad. But lately, I have had a really hard time being happy with myself. Do any of you just ever sit back and compare yourselves to other people, or compare your blog to other peoples blog, or compare the amount of meals so and so cooks for their family. Or how come she can do that craft, or she can shop that well, or her kids listen, or her house is always clean, or she takes her kids to the park everyday, or they can go on vacations wherever they want.
Well, I have been beating myself up over this since February. I haven't been myself. I feel like I don't fit in where I once did. I feel like I am a maid, chef, therapist, referee, etc....and I have lost my identity. There are days where I think maybe my Heavenly Father made a mistake making me a mom. Sometimes I think I would be better off with a house full of cats...and I am allergic to cats! I haven't been a good friend to those I love the most, mainly because they are the ones I compare myself to the most. Then when you don't succeed like they do, you feel inadequate to be in their presence. I use to be crafty, I used to LOVE to blog, I use to LOVE taking my kids to the park. How can a happy person feel these feelings I feel? I have gotten so wrapped up in being the "perfect" housewife, mom, neighbor, PTO vice president, church member, friend...that I have lost who I really am. I want to BE ME, I want to DRESS how I want, I want to be happy, I want to feel like I won't be judged for things I choose to do.
I am blessed with the GREATEST husband. He has been so patient with me because really this is all stupid crap that is so superficial and lame. He supports ALL my decisions and is there when the chips fall. I love him so much and wish that even his own dad would know of his greatness. He has overcome so much in his life and I want him to know I am SO blessed to be with him forever. He is the light of my life. I am blessed with three great kids that I love and adore. I hope they know how much I truly love them.
So, hopefully I can snap out of this and come back to blogging and show that I too have talent....

Friday, February 12, 2010

The 1980's 2nd Grade Style

Today was the BIG day! Today was 80's day at Red Mountain Elementary. BayLee was a little unsure of this one. She said "Not to be offensive.....but I look ridiculous". As I was doing her hair and getting her dressed she said "How could these people dress this way?". THESE PEOPLE?? Those people are me!!! The 80's were the greatest and here she is.....

I made her pose the 80's pose.....

As I was pegging her pants she was a little concerned.....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Now We Bring You the 1960's 2nd Grader Style

I think I was born in the wrong era because when I found out that BayLee got to dress for the 1960's I was SOOOO excited! We tye died shirts the other day with her very best friend JD and I think they turned out really cute. Mia was not in a photo op mood this morning but her shirt turned out cute as well.
The 60's mean different things to different people. I love the hippy lifestyle. I love the peace sign, I love the free spiritness of it, I love the fashion, I love the hairstyles, I love the VW hippie van, I love Hairspray. Needless to say this day brought happiness. The only day that will be CRAZIER and BIZARRE is the 80's! Oh the fun we will have on that day!!!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

1920's 2nd Grader Style

BayLees Elementary Mascot "Thunder" is taking a travel through time. Each friday the students get to get dressed up for a certain era. Last Friday was the 1920's. I googled 1920 fashion and came up with so many pictures and, well, none of the outfits were appropriate for 2nd graders to wear. It was the era of short flapper dresses. I had two friends call me because they knew I would probably research it, they both had boys so they were pretty lucky. The boys and men just wore suits every day and were very clean cut, handsome looking.
So, I did best with what we had and Bay turned out pretty cute. It made us 10 minutes late for school but it was worth it!
1920's Style
2nd Grade version